My Dolls

Heya! o/

Here’s a list of all my dolls and some info about them. If you wanna know more about them, you can click on their names to go to their own CharaHub pages. You can also click on their photos to view their full versions on flickr. 🙂

I'm a MessJared

  • Full Name: Jared Alexander Delaine
  • Sculpt: Dream of Doll: DOI Crush
  • Arrival Date: November 2, 2011
  • Face-up: Arvie (November 2011 – August 2012)
    • Ricci (September 2012 – February 2014)
    • Anj (March 2014 – Present)
  • At first look, Jared’s as average as an average boy can ever get. He’s almost always seen reading stacks of comics or drawing one of his own. He was never really the popular one but he’s also quite far from the bottom of the popularity list. Although his image is like that, he still sees himself as someone who’s cooler than ice and hotter than fire. After all, he can control fire. Well, sorta.



  • Full Name: Adelaide Kristine Reinhardt
  • Sculpt: SOOM: Super Gem Ivory
  • Arrival Date: March 15, 2012
  • Face-up: Arvie (March 2012 – August 2013)
    • Kass (August 2013 – August 2015)
    • Louie (August 2015 – Present)
  • Addie is a hopeless romantic who dreams of happy endings with her prince charming. She loves taking pictures, “preserving the moments and making memories”, as she likes to call it. She likes peanut butter and splashing puddles during rainy days. As a child, she has learned to appreciate the simple things in life.


Just Like StarsRocky

  • Full Name:Roxanne Leigh Delaine
  • Sculpt: Crobidoll: LE Tline Berry
  • Arrival Date: July 7, 2012
  • Face-up: Company default (July 2012 – Present)
  • Roxanne Leigh, Rocky for short, was named by her father after a comic book character. Despite her nickname, this little girl is a real sweetie.


Happy Birthday Jo!Johann

  • Full Name: Johann Luther Reinhardt
  • Sculpt: Crobidoll: LE Mline Laen
  • Arrival Date: January 15, 2013
  • Face-up: Company default: Working ver. (January 2013 – Present)
  • A responsible and trustworthy student, brother and friend. Yup, that’s Johann. He loves to read and write while drinking orange juice. He aspires to be an author one day.



  • Full Name: “PoRaBeYa”
  • Sculpt: Crobidoll: EVENT Tline Buddy Pola
  • Arrival Date: January 15, 2013
  • Face-up: Company default (January 2013 – Present)
  • A mysterious little “bear” that followed Johann home. Rocky calls him PoRaBeYa or just PoRa after finding out that his name was too complicated. PoRa is RiCo’s familiar.


Drowning in DucksLogan

  • Full Name: Logan Ryland Maxwell
  • Sculpt: Migidoll: Cho
  • Arrival Date: May 31, 2013 (head) April 14, 2014 (Body: Doll Family-A)
  • Face-up: Company default (May 2013 – Present)
  • Logan is probably one of the laziest persons you’ll ever meet. Addie describes him as a “male lion” as all he ever does is eat and sleep. Despite this, he’s a good person and great friend that you can trust.


Back in BlackRiCo

  • Full Name: R. Conrad Douglas
  • Sculpt: Crobidoll: LE Bline Yuri (NAMELESS 2013 release)
  • Arrival Date: January 13, 2014
  • Face-up: Custom – Mikhail Limited default (January 2014 – Present)
  • A master in the art of water sorcery, his skills allow him to manipulate even ice. He works as a host but at home, much like his ability, he is often seen as cold and aloof. He is PoRaBeya’s summoner/master and Johann and Addie’s half-brother.


Apple Boy's Day OutKai

  • Full Name: Lucas Ryland Maxwell
  • Sculpt: Migidoll: Cho
  • Arrival Date: January 22, 2014 (head)
  • Face-up: Me (March 2014 – April 2015)
    • Louie – (April 2015 – Present)
  • Talkative, mischievous, and outgoing. He’s the total opposite of his twin brother Logan. He introduces himself to new people as Kai as most people almost always end up mixing up his and his brother’s names.


Hello Little Boy!Shou

  • Full Name: Shouichirou Hongo
  • Sculpt: Migidoll: C-Series Faith Andy
  • Arrival Date: April 24, 2014
  • Face-up: Company default (April 2014 – Present)
  • This shy and soft spoken little boy was born to a young single mother. However, his grandfather arranged for his mother to be married to another man. Unfortunately, this man didn’t want to raise a child that was not his. With that, his mother decided to leave him, her only son, with one of the people she trusts most, her favorite host from Club Sion, RiCo.


[Manika Manila Prom 2015] RocketRocket

  • Full Name: Rochester Kenneth Delaine
  • Sculpt: Volks: LE Yo-SD Kakeru
  • Face-up: Company default
  • People say that Rochester will go a long way. He’s smart and talented. Definitely a gifted child who’ll no doubt soar through the skies of success like a rocket.

Number 11


  • Full Name: Gian Carlo Serafino
  • Sculpt: Volks: LE SD13 Black Cat Lucas
  • Face-up: Company default
  • Reid is a type of person that people usually flock to because of his friendly nature. Whatever you throw at him, he’ll just smile right back at you. However, behind those smiles is a dark and painful past.

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    • Jan [shinkei] says:

      Hi Alejandra (You have a very lovely name :u; My dad is named Alejandro. <3)~ Thank you!

      So nice to see you here as well! So glad to know you have a BJD blog! *stalks your blog too 8D*


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