SCION – A descendant of a notable family.

PYRALIS – A name of Greek origin meaning “of fire”

“Over the centuries, a tournament is held to honor the elements. In these tournaments, battles are fought to determine which chosen individual has the power and skill to be declared the best of the best in their given element. Earth, air, water and fire; Four thrones are waiting to be filled by the worthy masters and their faithful familiars.”

My blog is titled Scion Pyralis because the main characters in my story are aspiring to become the master of fire or the Scion Pyralis.

Who are these characters/dolls?

My characters are represented or brought to life through my dolls. For more information about my dolls and their characters, you may visit my doll info page or my CharaHub. 🙂

What are these dolls?

These dolls are called Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls or simply ABJD or BJD. Most of them are made in Korea, Japan and China. For more information about BJDs, you may check the Wikipedia article for the dolls. You can also check Den of Angels or DoA, which is the largest international BJD forum.

Where can I buy these dolls and how much are they?

Most dolls are only sold online through each doll company’s official website.  However, some companies also sell dolls through dealers.

Depending on their size (Tiny, Yo-SD, MSD, SD and 70 CM and up) and availability (One of a kind dolls [OOAK], Limited Edition releases [LEs], event only dolls, etc.), these dolls can range from $100 to $1000 or more.

Here is a list of my current dolls and the links to companies where they’re from.

You can check the DoA Wiki for a list of doll companies and official dealers.

BE WARNED! There are counterfeit products of these dolls more commonly called as recasts. Recasts are sold for much cheaper than original dolls but we cannot be sure of their quality. Before buying a doll, please do proper research first to prevent making a wrong purchase. 🙂


What do you think? I'd love to hear from you. :)

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